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 Bible Teaching 

Join Us for Bible Optics

Do you feel the scriptures are vague and confusing?

 A gathering provides a place for a clear vision of the Bible.  We believe the Bible should not be confusing or difficult to follow. Its content is not archaic or irrelevant, but is liberating, empowering,  and applicable.

Join a gathering, you'll find friendly people who are excited to get most out of understanding the Bible.

Current Series
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Men's Bible Teaching


8:00 am

Training Room B

Join the conversation with a vibrant & spiritual group of marketplace influencers discussing applicable issues from a biblical perspective.

Current Series - 
Fear of the Lord 


Previous Series
 God's Optic on Money

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Adult Bible Teaching


7:00 pm

Training Room B

Join us as we dive deep into the word with Hassan in a coed discussion. 

Current Series - Purpose

Previous Series - You don't have a faith problem. 

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Adult Bible Teaching


9:00 am

Training Room B
Join us for an informative coed discussion with international Bible teacher Hassan Boyle. 

Current Series -  Millennium Kingdom

Previous Series
 Hypostatic Union


Bible Optics classes are held at the new Phase Family Center

near Avalon at 12150 Morris Road Alpharetta, GA

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