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Featuring Hassan Boyle

Since entering full-time pastoral ministry in 1987, and receiving official ministerial ordination in 1989, Hassan has accrued 30+ years of ministry experience. His ministry career has included many pioneering and innovative endeavors in fields as diverse as media and education. While achieving notoriety nationally as the founder and Senior Pastor of Grace Fellowship Family Church in Louth, Ireland, Hassan has also received much international recognition as a conference speaker and church leadership consultant throughout Europe, Africa, and North America.

Have you ever wondered why Christians have such varied and polarizing conclusions about the Bible's instruction? Are the scriptures so vague and confusing? Perhaps shrouded in a mystery only few can unlock? Or could it be that we interpret its message through prescribed lenses with optics influenced by religious teachings, cultural bias, and negative experiences?


What if we were able to navigate through all the confusion and examine its meaning without preconceived opinions? We could gather with others desiring to be free from spiritual blindness and make the optical adjustments that allow one to see God's truth clearly.


Bible Optics is just such a place for you to join on this quest for a clear vision. A gathering of believers who share that the Bible should not be confusing or difficult to follow. That its message is not archaic or irrelevant, but is interesting, empowering, liberating and applicable. 


Led by a ministry with over 35 years of experience in the pursuit of a balanced and clear understanding of God’s Word, Hassan Boyle helps all to have a vision with clarity. Come join us and SEE……… Bible Optics.

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Bible Optics Board of Directors

Marty Anker

Rob Cunningham

Mike Kendrick 

Tim Kittredge 

Mark Lewington 

Don Miller
Barry Spencer

Richard Wernick

Chris Yancey 

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