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Are you wanting to get more out of the Bible

For those seeking a deeper understanding and clarity of God's word, this is not like your typical Sunday school or church gathering. 

Change your optic of the Bible by learning to see the Word through a different optic. 


Bible Optics Gatherings

Ready to get a new perspective and change how you engage with the scriptures? 

Led by a ministry with over 35 years of experience in the pursuit of a balanced and clear understanding of God’s Word, Hassan Boyle triangulates the scriptures to guide us to ultimate truth. 

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Join our three weekly Bible study gatherings led by Hassan in Alpharetta, Georgia at the brand new Phase Family Center near Avalon.

As we continue to follow Georgia Guidelines, please note that we will utilize overflow space for gatherings that exceed 50 people. The Phase Center is taking extra precautions to ensure guests' safety.

"Hassan inspires me to go deeper into God’s word and reminds us to change our lens to how God sees us--as a new creation in Christ. Hassan is a Bible encyclopedia and has dedicated his life to sharing the truth of God’s word." 

   - Chris Y.

" Thank you, Hassan, for your teaching and encouragement every week.  My knowledge and understanding of the Bible is so much greater now.  You have a strong commitment and passion for communicating Biblical truth.  You are truly helping all of us to live more productive and impactful lives for Jesus Christ !!!  Praise the Lord !!!

- Maryann M. 

"Hassan has opened up new ways at looking at the word and caused our entire men’s small group to think more deeply about passages in the Bible that we previously overlooked."

 - Don

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With your generous contributions, we are able to continue to offer topical bible gatherings that are meant to equip and challenge you.  

If you prefer to pay by check please mail to:  Bible Optics
15060 Freemanville Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004

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